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The services and solutions I provide can help you expand your brand and customer base to the Spanish market; serving as the link between your country and your business in Spain.

Whether you need to localize your video games and mobile apps, translate manuals for your product, create a website in several languages, translate and adapt a movie, television show or any type of video for dubbing or voice-over, translate leaflets and brochures or certified translations, you have come to the right place!

Your company will benefit from the use of the latest technologies in translation and localization tools to receive high-quality target texts. These tools, known as CAT tools, provide the translation process an accurate and cost-effective way of maintaining consistency of terms and style throughout big projects, thus helping to achieve quality standards at a lower cost.

Your potential customers will enjoy translated products that seem and feel natural, as if they were originally conceived in their own language; with texts free from grammatical errors and mistranslations that would otherwise drive them away.

You will receive a complete service with a tailored solution according to your specific needs, which may include text extraction, project management, translation, editing, quality assurance, DTP, terminology management or other services.

This will ensure that the translation process takes up the least of your time and that you receive a high quality service at competitive and cost-effective prices.

I will provide you with the best possible solutions for your needs and will be happy to recommend colleagues of other language combinations, designers and illustrators, web designers, dubbing studios, SEO specialists, photographers and other experienced professionals that can help you achieve your goals.

Please contact me for a free no obligation quote or to enquire about any of the services mentioned above. You can read more about some of these services by clicking on their tabs.

Game Localisation

If you are looking for expert Spanish translations of your video and computer games, then look no further!

Game localisation is responsible for approximately half of the global revenue stream of the game industry. Game publishers have realized that they depend on localisation to drive revenues and increase the appeal of their video games.

I have a vast experience translating games from all genres (role-playing games (MMORPG/RPG), first-person shooters, strategy games (real-time and turn-based strategy), puzzles, social games, children’s, quizzes, etc.) and for the main games systems (PC, Nintendo DS and Wii, Sony PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP, Microsoft Xbox 360, Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android Smartphones).

I translate all files and documents related to games: in-game dialogues for dubbing and for screen, in-game help/tutorials, system messages, manuals, marketing texts for packaging and for Web, etc. using accurate and authentic game language, compliant with the preferred terminology for all major game platforms.

You can also count on me for proofreading and post-editing services when you want to maintain consistency in projects where several translators are involved or when you would like your translations to be quality checked.

In larger projects, I can draw on my previous experience as project manager and coordinate a translation team to meet the quality standards and deadlines.

All your information will be treated confidentially and I will gladly sign your confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.


In today’s fast-paced globalised world, the need for fully functional multilingual websites is growing. To reach foreign markets, sell products or to advertise your business, you need a bug-proof website, free of grammatical errors and mistranslations that will drive your potential customers away.

Including other languages in your website can generate more income than expenses. A multilingual website is a good investment because clients prefer using their own language when surfing the Web or buying products. Marketing messages created in their language get through to clients more efficiently and clients remember easily the messages in their own language.

Designing a multilingual website from the beginning reduces the cost of localisation into the different languages. In order to avoid extra engineering work and problems during the localisation process, it is advised to design the site following an internationalisation process.

Internationalisation is the process of generalizing the website so that it can handle multiple languages and cultural conventions without the need for redesign. Internationalisation takes place at the level of program design and document development.

Localisation refers to the process of adapting the website and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target language and culture where it will be used. Thus, a well-internationalised website will enhance a quick and efficient localisation.

I can offer web developers and designers specific advice on internationalisation. In order to assess the cost of a localisation project, it is important to identify all translatable texts including those in images, keywords and other texts not shown by the browsers, etc. For this, I would use specific web analysis tools and text extraction tools to determine the total number of words.

Finally yet importantly, the localisation process should include a quality assurance stage, making sure that the website is completely functional and that all the texts are translated without missing text or truncations.

Technical Translations

Technical translations comprise over 90% of the translation of the professional world output. They include the translation of information and documentation produced by technical writers as well as those covering specialised subjects related to technology, IT and applied sciences. These texts include specialised terminology of the specific field they cover, so a correct use of terminology and in-depth knowledge of the subject are essential when translating a technical document.

Technical texts have to contain unambiguous messages, so the translator has to take into account the audience to a more marked extent than other types of translation. This includes the formatting of text to local styles and the use of controlled terminology. For this purpose, the use of translation memories and terminology databases as well as a high command of content management is essential for any technical translator.

Other Services

  • Maintenance of terminology databases and translation memories
  • Project coordination
  • Proofreading, editing and post-editing
  • Linguistic testing and quality assurance
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Audio and video transcriptions in English and in Spanish

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