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Who I am

If you are looking for a professional freelance language service provider, then you have come to the right place! I am a Spanish translator specialised in multimedia and interactive localisation. Multi-faceted in my experience, I bring a variety of skills and methods to every project I take on, using the most up-to-date software: computer-assisted translation tools, translation memories, terminology databases, extraction tools, etc. I am practical, direct, creative, collaborative, and love what I do.

Translation and Culture

Understanding cultural references and differences is crucial for quality translations; and due to my personal circumstances, I have acquired the necessary skills to do so. Living as a child in Australia—in a multicultural environment with children from all over the world as my school companions and friends—allowed me to understand the idiosyncrasy of people from different backgrounds. The cultural shock I experienced when moving back to Spain as a teenager urged me to analyse and understand those cultural differences between the Anglo world and Spain. This is something I continued to do throughout my years at the University and at work, in the different towns and cities I have lived in, learning not only through my experiences, but also through others’; always seeking to understand how different people see the world.

Experience in Games

Since 2008, I have been providing professional translation services to localisation companies, totalling more than 1 million words in video and computer game projects. I have translated games of many genres: action, adventure, online role-playing games (MMORPG), puzzles, strategy, children’s games, quizzes, as well as official game websites and publisher newsletters for the main platforms.

I have a profound knowledge of video game localisation, which I obtained from not only working as a freelance translator, but also from a combination of having received a Masters in Video Game Production and Design, working as a Linguistic Tester for a major publisher and as Project Manager in a localisation company.

Professional Association

I am a board member of the Spanish association of audiovisual translation, ATRAE.

Translation and Localisation Agencies

Translation and localisation companies looking for a top-notch freelance Spanish translator can contact me to receive a full CV and references.

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